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Stonescaping-Hardscape Contractors of Wellington

One of the best things about hardscaping is the ability to use stones for almost everything; this includes the popular pool decks, fountains, ponds, streams, or even retaining walls some experts offer for more than the regular water draining and soil retention needs. Thanks to this, you have the opportunity to choose stonescaping for your entire outdoor space and have a design that actually brings a difference in every corner. However, if you want to have a good result that can be stunning and durable at the same time, highly qualified contractors are needed. At Wellington Hardscape Contractor Group, our team of contractors and specialists who are skilled in stonescaping will make sure to work on your project and request with the perfect skills and experience shown during the process.

No matter how big or small your space is, any of our members can help create beautiful and functional designs. We only use the highest-quality materials as well, which helps us guarantee durable and long-lasting features you won’t have to worry about later on. We also care about choosing the best stones on the market, and, in the process, we focus on their affordability and how we will bring them to you so you can focus on the design and not the price based on your worries and budget.

Stonescaping is an option for custom-designed projects. We recommend it when you have the budget and feel like having your features based on this option. We can help you select the right stones to build your outdoor kitchen, fire pit, deck, or water feature. Our goal is to ensure that the design doesn’t damage the environment and is cost-effective.

Stone scape is different from the industry’s ‘softscape’ most people know. This is where plants, trees, or other green elements are added. With them, you can create an outdoor living space that is truly yours. However, if you use stone scape or focus on the whole scope of the hardscape, it will give you a completely new look and feel that will usually last much longer with less maintenance.

It Can Be Everything or a Complement

Stones shine in driveways and walkways in particular. We guarantee you that you will get a totally different design than any other option, and you can use certain stones to make new designs or surfaces that people can drive on. This is why it is so important to choose stonescaping but work with it correctly and have experienced contractors involved.

This takes skills and experience, but by focusing on the design and options available, you can work with this same mindset with more than just driveways and walkways.

Wellington Hardscape Contractor Group is full of experts that will be assigned based on your request or how the design works and progresses once you rely on us. We know how to go for stonescaping and use it for walls and firepits, walkways and pathways, as well as regular surfaces and pool decks. 

We want you to be happy with the result and that everyone can enjoy it, no matter what. Stones must be properly placed and installed to give them a beautiful appearance and prevent damage and accidents.

Outdoor stones cape is something we can help you with. We do not work with retaining walls whatsoever since this task is best left to professionals who have dedicated their lives to it. They are well-known and can build or add small ones to certain spaces. However, they must be requested in advance, and we will let them know so they can be added to your project based on our experience with some companies in Wellington and nearby cities.

Water features are another option that benefits from stone scape. These are made of stones of all types and are easy to maintain. They are natural looking and feature a unique design that enhances outdoor beauty and creates an ambiance perfect for every occasion.

Each water feature is made from different stones. You’ll notice that the stones used to create waterfalls in patios and gardens are very similar in appearance to those used in particular streams and rivers.

However, fountains are usually installed and built from very basic and unadorned stones that can still be used to create the feature. Streams or ponds can be used to enhance the landscape design and have a different look as well.

Stones can be used in any type of hardscape. If we have to list some for you, patios, pergolas, firepits, or other structures made of solid materials can be included. It is crucial to find landscape contractors who are experienced in working with stone scape features, as well as all aspects of landscaping.

We Can Help You Get the Desired Results

To help you, we will need to visit your outdoor living space in most cases so we can provide a final estimate for the entire project and how it will take place with all the details and materials included on the list. Although we can give you an estimate based on some information, it is best to visit your outdoor living space first, which will be for free during this assessment visit.

We will need to see more of the space if you have a clearly defined landscape, particularly if you want us to work around the current design and just offer a new feature.

If you have a request, we will gladly start work according to your needs. It doesn’t matter what your situation is; it’s important to assess it. This will help answer many questions and give us enough information to create a design and assist with the project. Below are some of the reasons why we do this:

  • It allows us to see how much space we have and how we should respond to this request.
  • To get the best results possible, we will need to find out if there are any exceptions or additions.
  • We will need to determine if different designs are possible for you.
  • We will evaluate your outdoor environment to determine if any problems need to be addressed.

We will then work with you to create the perfect design and final stone cape for your outdoor space.