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Highland Beach-Hardscape Contractors of Wellington

Being able to have reliable workers for your outdoor spaces is crucial if you want to obtain a final result that will be stunning and durable at the same time. Otherwise, you’re usually bound to have a poor design that may look stunning in the beginning, but its durability and longevity won’t be as promising as a good one. At Wellington Hardscape Contractor Group, our mission is to make sure that every person in Highland Beach can have access to top hardscape services and contractors in the city so they can rest assured their outdoor living spaces will be in good hands.

Unlike other companies in the area, we won’t start by sending you an estimate that doesn’t involve any variables and details, such as the actual size of your property and space and how you want the design to be. There’s a lot to consider, and although we could provide an average or range, it is essential to assess your space to provide a very accurate estimate that is either equal to the final price or quite close to it.

While we’re on it, we will listen to what you want, what you don’t, and what can be negotiated when our contractors visit you and start working on your design. This will allow us to set a very specific design based on preferences and needs for your outdoors and take out the elements and features you don’t want at all.

If you have a specific request or hardscape feature you want right away and don’t need us to bring a full design of your outdoors, we will start working around the materials and the perfect size for this feature based on the space you have available for it.

We know this can be a lot to take in, but it is needed to have a good design that is perfect for you and no one else, as it should be.

Our Most Requested Services

Although we have over ten different solutions waiting for you, our clients in Highland Beach are fans of our pergolas and patios, as well as pool decks. Since our contractors are usually specialized in the feature you request, we will assign them respectively and ensure you get a result that is out of this worth in both aesthetics and durability.

If you need to learn about pergolas, the materials used for them, and how the design should be based on your preferences and the options available, we will guide you through the process so you can stop for more than a minute in each element and decision you have to make.

The same applies to our pool decks and the extra features we may need to install to ensure every part and piece works well and without issues.

All our services, no matter if you request the most popular ones or not, will be handled by qualified contractors, and every member of our company will be more than happy to assist you in this process by offering guidance and support over everything else.